Our company

We are a Quebec company founded in 2005 specializing in the design of corrugated cardboard packaging solutions. We are recognized for our innovative solutions and wide range of products. The size of our facilities, as well as the diversity of our processing equipment, offer us production capacities that allow us to position ourselves as a one stop shop partner for our customers and business partners. We are guided by values of caring, commitment and collective success.

Our mission is to support companies in different sectors of activity in corrugated cardboard packaging throughout Quebec. On a daily basis, we build partnership relationships based on active listening and transparency. We are proud to offer a set of turnkey packaging solutions by promoting superior quality of our products at competitive prices while respecting your deadlines.

Our offer

Thanks to our personalized service, equipment, and multidisciplinary talents, we are able to meet the most demanding needs of our customers. Our raison d'être is to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our company is constantly evolving to meet your needs. Emer Mestiri, President

The importance of the environment

Our organization is committed to being a responsible player in environmental matters, using sustainable and recyclable materials. Our plant’s operation promotes eco-responsible supply chains by working with suppliers and partners who share our ecological values.

The use of environmentally friendly materials, reducing waste and emissions, reducing energy consumption, promoting fair and sustainable labour practices and raising awareness of the environmental impact of the supply chain as a whole.

Our team

We believe that our success is based on the richness of our team, which is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, origins and experiences. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive work environment where everyone is respected and valued for their unique contributions.

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Our team's growth and commitment are encouraged through our professional and personal development opportunities, while promoting diversity of perspectives and ideas.


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