Cardboard Displays

Les Emballages OnduCorr designs and manufactures corrugated cardboard product displays that will be sure to enhance the presentation of your products in the retail environment. Our product displays are designed according to your colors, your specifications, the size and shape of your products as well as the type of retail environment where the products will be displayed.

Here are three types of corrugated product displays that we offer:

Floor display

Our corrugated cardboard floor displays are ideal for presenting a product in the retail environment, as well as placing products during a promotional campaign. We manufacture floor displays in a variety of shapes and sizes so that they match both the look and type of product that you need to show.

Pallet displays

These types of product displays are usually placed in big box retail stores and offer up to four sides that can be used to present your product to the public. This maximises the viewing and merchandising opportunities for your product.

Shelf or countertop displays

These smaller displays are meant to attract attention in the retail environment. Use them near the cash register to enhance the viewing opportunities in the cash line-up. An attractive countertop product display can display one or multiple related products at once.

To learn more about the many possibilities and options offered by our cardboard product displays, contact us and ask for advice or ask us for a quote.

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