5 Panels Wrappers (5PW)

Your ally for packaging long and narrow items


The 5 Panels Wrappers are packages formed from a single piece of cardboard, which are folded so as to form five panels. Theirs flaps are located at each end of the package and the outer flaps are superimposed, providing additional protection to articles when stacked.


The 5 Panels Wrappers are ideal for items rather flat, like frames, clothing, wood floors, …. In addition, they enable packaging a product without damaging it and are easy to close with packing tape.


The 5 Panel Wrappers have a large print area, so we can create an original design that will capture the attention or that will allow you to identify your product.

Not sure of the size required to properly package your products? Call one of our experts! We will take the time to analyze your needs, taking into account the fragility and size of the items concerned, and we will happily advise you to ensure your satisfaction.

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