Cut-Out Wrapper – COW

An ideal box for fragile articles


The envelope cut, also called cut-out wrapper is a package consisting of a cross-shaped piece of cardboard whose center is the bottom. The four branches (the four points of the cross) are folded twice: the first fold forms the four sides of the package, then the second forms four flaps on top. Like the 5 panels wrappers, the box folds around the product and the outer flaps meet in the center of the top of the box.


Thanks to its robustness and its enveloping effect, the cropped jacket is ideal for packing fragile or very thin objects requiring special care, such as frames, mirrors, pictures, calendars and many more.


The envelope cut is easily customizable with your logo or company name. In addition, it can adapt to all sizes of products, whatever your field.

If you hesitate between several types of corrugated boxes, contact us so we can analyze your needs in more detail and suggest the one that best meets your needs.

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