Full Overlap Carton (FOC)

Additional protection during transport


The Full Overlap Carton ressemble looks like an ordinary box, because it is also composed of a single piece of cardboard, but it has outer flaps having a length equal to the width of the box, so that one completely covers the other.


Thanks to its design, this type of box provides additional protection to products and is particularly resistant to rough handling during transportation. Moreover, it is well suited for very long products, but very thin. With our expertise, we will design for you the full overlap carton that allows you to carry and store your products safely.


To customize your boxes and increase your visibility, add your logo or company name, or an original color, depending on the desired effect. Our design department will work with you to fully understand your needs and create the perfect packaging for your products.

We will be happy to give you advice so that your full overlap carton meets your expectations. Feel free to request additional information from one of our team members.

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