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About Onducorr

Our company produces corrugated box products, laminated cardboard display products as well as specialized cardboard packaging and rolled cardboard products. We were founded by Pierrette Godin and Sylvain Lavoie in 2005. Thanks to our small team of experienced personnel, we grow every year and are able to meet ever-increasing delivery volumes and precise order specs.


At Emballages Onducorr, we value our relationships with our customers most of all. We like to maintain long-term relationships so that we can understand your specific needs and serve you better. We are dedicated to building long-term win-win relationships that will deliver excellent performance both in terms of quality of our wrapping and box products as well as in time to market and delivery for each of your orders.

Our founding team was composed of personnel with specific experience in production operations, and grew by adding team members that are specifically experienced in producing corrugated box products and laminated cardboard displays. Our original set of customers was small and targeted, and we grew by acquiring specialized lamination and cutting equipment, as well as new specialized hires, without having to outsource to subcontractors.

As a corrugated products specialist, we’re able to offer a quick design and production turnaround, as well as fast delivery to Montreal-area customers. We offer 100% custom order design and preparation, including co packing and delivery to your door. Our installations are based in Anjou, Montréal, and our new production facility has more than 51,000 sq. feet of working space.

Have a look at some of our work in corrugated packaging and product displays by visiting our portfolio page.