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Designing and customizing packaging solutions can be a complex task. Here are some key steps to design an efficient and sustainable packaging solution.

  • Analyze and
    understand the need

    It is important to understand the characteristics of your products, including weight, size, shape and supply chain of your products.

  • Determine the
    role of packaging

    It is a unique element to each product. Is the packaging solution intended to highlight your products? Is it to further protect your products from light, heat, and humidity? Does the solution need to be adequate to be handled or shipped online, among other things?

  • Identify
    market constraints

    It is important to know market trends, packaging standards and consumer expectations of your products.

  • Create and test
    the solution

    La conception tangible commence du moment que nous avons les informations nécessaires pour votre emballage. Nous avons des outils dédiés dans l’industrie pour créer les dessins et vos impressions personnalisées. Ensuite, notre équipe procède à la création d’un échantillon physique dans un délai très court pour pouvoir tester la solution pour s’assurer de répondre à votre besoin.

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