Onducorr offers services in cardboard packaging design, laminated product display design and assembly, and co-packing. We also offer associated services such as graphic design, sample production and co-packing.

When starting a packaging project together, we’ll meet you at your company location and gather all necessary specs and requirements to understand the packaging that you need. We’ll then produce an action plan, with all aspects being handled by our own internal staff. Using our own staff for all design and production steps helps keep design delays to a minimum, and also allows us to monitor and guarantee a high level of quality in the resulting packing products.

Let us help you improve the presentation of your products with the following services:

Product Packaging Design

Our design team will collaborate with your staff to adapt your corporate or product design to a custom packaging product. The finished product will display the branding that you need and enhance the presentation of your product within the retail environment.


Our teams can pre-assemble your cardboard box packaging or your laminated product displays so that they ship out to you, ready to use.


We also offer complete co-packing services, where we first assemble your product displays, then place your products directly in the displays and wrap the finished products, ready to be shipped directly to the point of sale.

To know more about our turnkey services, please communicate with one of our service representatives.

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